Who is Rabbit Warren ?

Rabbit Warren was born and raised in England. Inspired by movies like "The Sound of Music", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and even James Bond skiing in "On Her Majesty´s Secret Service", he soon took off to the Swiss Alps (to where, indeed, the James Bond movie was made) to work, hike, cycle, ski and travel.


He then moved to the German Alps, where he was apprenticed as both a chef and a pastry chef (which are about as different as a carpenter and an electrician, or even salt and sugar). Later he moved on down the road and just over the border to the Austrian Alps to build yet another rabbit warren (excuse the pun, please). There he became a hotel children´s entertainer as well as a magic clown.


He is now currently concentrating his efforts on writing English children´s books for Amazon, which are available on their Shopping Websites as both a Paperback and on Kindle.


I´m jiggered if I know if the Austrian Magic Clown "Roger Hase" (or "Roger Bunny the Funny Bunny" as he is known in English) is really his twin brother or his cousin or even himself. The guy is simply too confusing to understand.


And if you´re looking for news and updates, then you can find lots more on Facebook: "Rabbit Warren Books for Children".